Why Path to the Plains?

Students benefit from:

  • Earlier exposure to Auburn’s campus and courses in their majors
  • Guaranteed acceptance into students’ chosen degree programs
  • Increased probability of graduating in four years
  • Courses that are mapped in advance, making degree progress more straightforward
  • Degree programs that are in-demand and career-ready

What Auburn University resources are available for Path to the Plains students?

Path to the Plains students will have access to Auburn University academic resources including the RBD Library, the Office of Academic Support and tutoring services, Office of University Writing, academic advising, Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365. Path to the Plains students do not have access to Tiger Transit, athletic tickets and events, and the student recreation center until they transfer fully to Auburn following the concurrent enrollment semesters.

How much does P2P cost?

Tuition and fees are assessed based on LBW’s tuition and fee structure. During the concurrent enrollment terms, students completing courses at Auburn are assessed LBW tuition rates.

Is P2P right for me?

P2P is designed for Alabama residents who exhibit a high level of motivation and perseverance.  After completion of required courses and maintenance of a 2.75 or better GPA, Path to the Plains participants are guaranteed acceptance into their designated program at Auburn University.

Key Dates:

  • Fall Admission
    • March 1 - Priority application deadline for fall admission
  • Spring Admission
    • October 1 – Priority application deadline for spring admission

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