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LBW Announces Improvements to Nature Trail

November 17, 2022

The LBW Community College nature trail located at the Andalusia campus will temporarily be closed for improvements.

“The nature trail is heavily used by many in the community, and we are blessed to partner with the City of Andalusia and Covington County Commission to provide an updated and renovated location for recreation,” LBW President Dr. Brock Kelley said.

“Our goal is to be a central hub of community activity, and we believe updating the trail will provide opportunities for families to enjoy the entirety of the campus.”

Beginning Friday, November 18, the trail will be closed only on the east side of Dannelly Blvd., the section closest to Wal-Mart, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The trail will reopen on Saturday, November 19.

“Improvements will continuously be made throughout the next five weeks resulting only in trail closures on Fridays,” Kelley added.

Covington County Commission Chairman, Greg White stated, “The Commission is pleased to work with LBW and the City of Andalusia to improve the nature trail on the Andalusia campus of LBW.  This trail has long been an asset for the entire community, and the planned improvements will enhance its use for even more families for years to come.  It is exciting to be involved in a small way in advancing the mission and vision of LBW!”

Improvements will include paving the entirety of the track and adding outdoor lighting.

“When we conducted our town hall meetings in 2021, one thing local residents said they want is more opportunities for outdoor recreation,” Mayor Earl Johnson said. “We are pleased to partner with LBW Community College and the Covington County Commission to upgrade the walking surface at the LBW Nature Trail. This surface will be very similar to the upgraded trail in Robinson Park, which local residents have been enjoying for months.”

“We also are pleased to announce the City of Andalusia Utilities will be working with LBW to add lighting to the trail,” Johnson said. “The lighting portion of this project won’t be started until 2023. But the lights will be a very welcome addition to this amenity.”

Johnson said that the City of Andalusia Utilities and PowerSouth also are working with LBW to upgrade the lighting on the college’s baseball and softball fields.

For more information, contact LBW Director of Facilities & Maintenance Tim Jones at 334-488-3406 or