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May 10, 2022

LBW Community College recently unveiled a new mascot.

“Once again, LBW is taking our next steps to enhance the LBW brand within the community,” said President Dr. Brock Kelley.

Through the College’s social media accounts, the mascot revealed through illustrations was a Saint Bernard.

“St. Bernards and dogs, in general, are known for being loyal, friendly, and supportive companions,” said Marketing Director Maggie Mash.

“To have a character for the College through illustration and costume will aid in community visibility and relatability to younger generations.”

Starting in the fall, a student on scholarship will serve as the mascot. Under the direction of Katie King, Director of Student and Community Engagement the mascot will participate in athletic, community, and college events.

“This is a historic announcement for LBW,” King said. “We can’t wait to introduce this fun and interactive new character to the community.”

Illustrations for the character were developed in partnership with Rickabaugh Graphics.

“We want everyone to feel welcome at our institute and become a part of the LBW Saints family at any age,” Kelley added.

“I invite you to get involved with this announcement by helping us create a name for the new mascot.”

Name ideas can be submitted through the following survey,

For additional details or naming suggestions, contact Maggie Mash at