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LBW forms Apprenticeship with Shaw Industries

November 05, 2021

Pictured from left: Shaw Plant Engineer, Dodd Riley; Shaw Plant Manager, Carol Carter; Human Resources Manager, Beth Legg; ACCS Regional Workforce Director, Jennifer Hall; AOA Region 5 & 6 Project Manager, Tawanna Robinson; LBWCC President, Dr. Brock Kelley

LBW Community College has formalized a competency-based apprenticeship with Shaw Industries, Inc. Andalusia Plant 65.

“We are excited to partner with LBW Community College to provide co-op opportunities to students in their Megatronics program,” stated Shaw Industries. “This talented group of students will develop skills to create a better future for our growing industry.”

Nine students in the Industrial Electronics Program are currently enrolled in the apprenticeship.

“Shaw Industries and LBW worked closely together to define the apprenticeship competencies, ensuring the related technical instruction aligned with the workforce needs of Shaw Industries,” said Jennifer Hall, Alabama Community College Regional Workforce Director.

“LBW and Shaw’s new mechatronics apprenticeship is another great example of an industry driven partnership between a community college and a cutting-edge industry leader. Congratulations to Shaw Industries and LBW for creating a work-based learning opportunity for students to earn while they learn.”