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LBW Announces New Emergency Notification System -- Alertus

February 10, 2022

LBW Community College will begin utilizing the Alertus emergency notification software in March 2022.  This emergency notification system will be used by the College to notify students, faculty, and staff of emergency situations at all LBW locations.  Saints Alert, the current CampusCast software, will cease following the conversion.

To ensure compliance, students will receive detailed instructions from the Student Affairs Office on how to download the Alertus software on cell phones.  Students may contact Alan Cobb, Network Administrator, at or (334) 493-5340 for troubleshooting.

Features of the new Alertus system include:

  • Instant notifications from the National Weather Service.
  • Instant emergency notifications issued by LBW.
  • Desktop emergency notification buttons.
  • Scrolling marquee alerts instantly appear when an alert has been activated.
  • Alerts can be received on computers and cell phones.
  • Local police departments receive real-time notifications.

For questions or further information about this transition, contact Peige Josey, Dean of the Greenville Campus, at