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LBW Adult Education and Military Recruiters Team Up

July 19, 2023

Pictured left to right: SSgt Phillip Adams, students: Richard Pate, Joe Johnson, Caleb Williams, SSgt Tanner Edwards and SMSgt Jen Nevins, (Ret.).

The LBW Community College Adult Education program and service area military recruiters are teaming up to provide students and recruits with the education and training skills needed to enter the military forces.

This year’s cohort of 7 student recruits increased skills in digital literacy, math, science, and test taking abilities. Adult education instructor and USAF veteran Jennifer Nevins said, “Most student recruits come to adult education to complete a GED for enlistment or to increase the overall score on the ASVAB test, the military’s entrance exam.” Student recruits take a Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), which identifies areas they need to work on. “We use ASVAB study resources and virtual programs to help students increase their overall educational functioning level, which almost always increases the ASVAB score”, said Nevins.

“One student recruit raised his ASVAB score 43 points after 6 weeks in the LBWCC Adult Education program, that’s remarkable”, said Staff Sgt. Phillip Adams, Army recruiter for Andalusia recruiting station.

Army National Guard recruiter SGT Adriana Williams from Greenville is also referring student recruits to the program.  “This is an especially good opportunity for student recruits that would like to attend LBWCC for an associate degree. Serving in the National Guard allows the participant to receive funds for college, while living and going to school locally”, said SGT Williams.

Air Force recruiters from Crestview, FL and Marine Recruiters from Dothan, AL cover the Covington County area and are also collaborating to serve student recruits. “I always refer students needing their GED to LBW Community College”, said Staff SGT Edward Tanner, Marine Corps Recruiting, Dothan.

Individuals that would like to participate in the program must enroll in the LBWCC Adult Education program pursuing a GED or have a high school diploma. Students are not required to contact a military recruiter to enroll in the program. For more information contact Jennifer Nevins at 334-881-2267 or