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LBW Diversity Committee Offers Community Lecture Series

February 21, 2023

Community Candid Series Registration

LBW is committed to being more than just a traditional community college but one that serves as a resource center for the community.

Introducing, Community Candid - an informational lecture series dedicated to providing parents and guardians with the knowledge needed to support modern parenting.

The five-part lecture series will focus on the information you need to know regarding:
-Mental Health and Peer Pressure
-Technology and Social Media
-Drug Awareness and Prevention
-Financial Planning and Wellness
-Diversity and Inclusion

The goal is that you leave each session informed, prepared, and aware of the resources our community offers as support. The idea behind Community Candid is to close the gap between traditional childrearing and the rapidly changing world we live in today.

Each session of the lecture series will be hosted on the Andalusia Campus of LBW in the Martha & Solon Dixon Center for Performing Arts beginning at 6:00 pm. *Childcare will be provided to attendees as well as an affordable meal option for purchase at The Saint’s Café.

*Registration Requested