Over the past two decades, more than 31 million students have enrolled in college but did not complete their degree or receive a certificate.

LBW Community College has introduced a new initiative called ReignitED, aimed at assisting new or former adult students in returning to school to complete a certificate or degree. This program offers financial aid and comprehensive support services to help students succeed throughout their college journey.

Participant Benefits

The ReignitED program focuses on providing wraparound student support as well as financial support to students who are planning to return to school. Here's what you can expect as a participant:

  • Financial Support: Students participating in the program receive a scholarship covering one three credit hours free of charge, along with access to additional financial resources.
  • Support Services: Students will benefit from hands-on enrollment support, access to financial resources, academic assistance, connections to wellness and social services, and personalized support tailored to their specific needs.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must plan to enroll or be enrolling at LBW Community College.
  • Must be pursuing first certificate or degree.
  • Must have completed high school prior to 2022.
  • Must not have been enrolled in college or university in previous two or more years.

Ready to get ReignitED? Complete this quick questionnaire and our Student Services Office will reach out to you!