LBWCC Drug Policy

The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all college buildings and vehicles. Smoking, chewing, or dipping or other use of a tobacco product in college-owned or college controlled property violates the student code of conduct policies. The use of tobacco is allowed outdoors but not within 25 feet of building entryways.

The possession, sale, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages or non-prescribed controlled drug is not allowed on college property or at a student or college-sponsored function.

Unauthorized manufacture, sale, delivery, or possession of any drug or drug related paraphernalia defined as illegal under state, local, or federal law is prohibited.

Being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or non-prescribed, controlled drugs on college property or at a student or college-sponsored function is prohibited.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Violations will render a student subject to disciplinary action which may include: reprimand, probation, loss of privilege, suspension, expulsion, or other penalties.

For further information, view the Student Code of Conduct within the Student Handbook.

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