Login Instructions:

We have some exciting news! Lurleen B. Wallace Community College is updating to a new, user-friendly information system called myLBWCC (OneACCS) for Fall 2020. This new system will replace myLBWCC for all your student needs, including registration, financial aid, and payments. We know you'll love myLBWCC (OneACCS), which will enhance efficiency and streamline services between schools in the Alabama Community College System.


From the myLBWCC portal, you will also have access to log in to myLBWCC (OneACCS). Students will use their official college email address for the (Username) and "!LBWCC" and their date of birth "mmddyy" for the (Password).

Here is an example of a student's name, date of birth, and social security number.

Name: Daffy L. Duck
Date of Birth: 12/08/88
SSN: 111-12-1234

Password: !LBWCC120888

myLBWCC (OneACCS) Student User Guide

Once logged in to myLBWCC (OneACCS), you will have access to the following:

  • Class Schedule
  • Register for classes
  • Drop and add classes during the Drop/Add period
  • Pay tuition
  • Request LBWCC transcripts

  • Change student password or unlock account
    • If the student's password or account is locked and you cannot log in to myLBWCC (OneACCS), please use your official college email address and email Alan Cobb at Please include in the email your name, A-Number, and a description of your problem. Your password or account can only be updated if the email comes from your official college email address.
    • An email will be sent back to your official college email address with instructions on how the problem has been resolved.

Here are some other helpful links.

  • Log in to Saints' Email
  • Log in to Canvas
  • Information on Canvas Course Access
  • Information on Saints' Email accounts
    • This site gives information about how the student's official college email address is composed, the initial password, and policies and setup instructions.