Consumer Information

Section 1: Consumer Information

Topic 1 – Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Topic 2 – Facilities and Services for Students With Disabilities

Topic 3 – Student Diversity

Topic 4 – Cost of Attending The College

Topic 5 – Refund Policy

Topic 6 – Net Price Calculator

Topic 7 – Repayment Policy

Topic 8 – Withdrawal Policy

Topic 9 – Educational Programs

Topic 10 – Transfer of Credit Policies and Articulation Agreements

Topic 11 – Instructional Facilities and Labs

Topic 12 – Faculty

Topic 13 – Accreditation Information

Topic 14 – Copyright Infringement Policies

Topic 15 – Student Activities

Topic 16 – Student Financial Assistance

Topic 17 – Student Rights and Responsibilities

Topic 18 – Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations

Section 2: Student Outcomes

Topic 1 – Graduation, Transfer-Out and Retention Rates

Topic 2 – Graduation and Retention Rates for Student Athletes

Topic 3 – Athletic Program Participation and Financial Support

Section 3: Health and Safety

Topic 1 – Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Topic 2 – Vaccination Policy

Topic 3 – Campus Safety and Security

Topic 4 – Voter Registration Information

Goals for Student Achievement

2013-2014 Goals and Results

2014-2015 Goals and Results

2015-2016 Goals and Results

2016-2017 Goals and Results

2017-2018 Goals and Results

2018-2019 Goals and Results

2019-2020 Goals and Results

Professional Licensure/Certification Disclosure

The following educational programs are designed to meet educational requirements for specific professional licenses or certifications that are required for employment in certain occupations in the State of Alabama. For each of these programs, the College has not determined if program completion is sufficient to meet the licensure requirements for employment in particular occupations in states other than Alabama, and the College has not determined if the program curriculum meets the educational requirements for licensure or certification in states other than Alabama.

Nail Technology

Esthetics Technology



Licensed Practical Nursing

Associate Degree Nursing

Physical Therapist Assistant