The myLBWCC portal has changed.

Beginning with Summer 2024, the Alabama Community College System now has a way to access all on-line services with a new, customizable dashboard.  This new dashboard replaces the myLBWCC portal for all your student needs, including registration, financial aid, and payments, and will help streamline services between schools in the Alabama Community College System.

New myLBWCC Dashboard

Use Your Account

Accessing the new myLBWCC Dashboard is easy.  Just log in with your account and password using the link below.  All students and employees will be issued a new account that will be used to access Self-Service Banner, Canvas, and a new email address which will be your 

Activate Your Account

Before you can log in to your dashboard, you must activate your new account and set its password.  By now, you should have received an email sent to your personal email address from with the subject titled, “Activate Your Account“.  In this email, you will find your claim code and instructions about how to use the code along with your A# to complete the activation process. If you did not receive the email from, please click Request Claim Code Email and complete the form. 

Things to Remember

To activate and use your account, you must know your A#.  This is your student/employee ID number, (ex. A01209635).  Your account username is your, (ex.

Password Reset

After you have activated your account, if you need to change the password, click on, enter your account username, and click “Go”.  On the next screen, click on “Forgot Password?”

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Your new account is also your college issued email account.  To better protect your account from unauthorized access, you will need to set up multi-factor authentication.  When you access your account on-line for the first time, you will be prompted to set up MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator app, the preferred method, or SMS texts to your phone. Click here for a guide to help you with setting up MFA.

Canvas Access

To log in to Canvas, click on the myLBWCC Dashboard link below and enter your and password. Once in the myLBWCC Dashboard, click on the Canvas card to access your Canvas courses. Please remember that any bookmarks or shortcuts to the old Canvas URL ( will not give you access to your current Summer 2024 courses or future courses. 

New myLBWCC Dashboard